Change in a Box is a creative resource which promotes active citizenship. It is a technology-free exploration of history, activism, and arts & crafts.

We are living through increasingly extraordinary times. Current events are fast-moving, heightened, and more confusing than ever. For young people, it can be challenging to make sense of everything, join the conversation, or make a difference. Change in a Box encourages participants to stand up, speak out, and be counted. This resource includes the following components:

Kit: Change in a Box addresses the digital divide through offline learning. The kit contains printed materials, trinkets and creative supplies.

Case studies: The kit comes with a curated zine, introducing the reader to key moments from history that made the world a fairer place. The case studies should demonstrate the meaningful change that is possible when people speak out.

Crafts: A craft activity accompanies each case study. Participants explore different artistic practices to create something meaningful. They do not need to be experienced artists because instructions and pre-prepared materials are all included. The crafts offer joy and diversion in a socially-distanced world. Collectively, the results of each activity are a means of active citizenship. They are a gateway to sharing thoughts and experiences.

Call to action: Change in a Box comes with a clear call to action. It provides practical examples of how we can all contribute to social change and links to useful resources.

Our Place in the World creative commission

'Our Place in the World' is a creative commission funded by Curious Minds and Lancaster University, and managed by Lancashire Youth Challenge and The Culture Co-Op. Thanks to this commission, we are making and distributing 75 boxes to young people in Lancashire for free.

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