The Theatre in the Rough Festival now runs a boutique programme of educational workshops and activites.

These are higher-level writing workshops for sixth-form or university students, and for adults. For schools and colleges, they are aimed primarily at high ability/gifted and talented students.

Workshops are led by our Artistic Director, and can range from one hour to five-week-long attachments. They are designed to inspire, challenge and transform ideas about writing, as well as to teach process, technique and revision.

The Found Text enables participants to approach the blank sheet of paper without fear. It teaches them how to use the stimuli that is around us all the time to create a fresh and unusual piece of writing in as little as an hour.

Individual Development is a five-week-long attachment that begins with a group workshop introducing the basics of creative writing; then works one-to-one, tutorial-style, with individual writers to develop their own piece of work week by week.

The Writer's Process is a talk/Q&A with the Artistic Director of the Theatre in the Rough Festival. It is designed to shed light on a writer's personal creative process, looking at the relationship between ideas, aims, development and technique, as well as at working in the creative industries more widely.

Workshops are led by Chris Fittock, Artistic Director of the Theatre in the Rough Festival.

Workshops Prospectus

For full information, and to make enquiries, please download our Workshops Prospectus below:

Workshops Prospectus

Availability is limited, and current introductory prices are set until the end of the 2016/17 academic year.