shhh... secret

Well done, you've found us, hidden away in the small print, where few travellers dare to tread.

And to reward your daring, you are entitled to a FREE copy of one of our books! Oh yes!

But don't tell anybody else. This is just between ourselves.


To receive your free copy:

1) Copy:
"I'm a fan of the Theatre in the Rough Festival"
to your Twitter or Facebook profile.

2) Email us a link to the tweet or Facebook post (so we can verify you've done it), along with your name and address, and which book you'd like.

Okay, so there's no such thing as a free lunch, but paying with a tweet or Facebook post is still pretty good, no?

* One free book per unique Twitter or Facebook profile, and only one free book per postal address.
* We will post to United Kingdom addresses only.
* Offer lasts while stocks last. We're not made of books.
* And we won't spam you or share your information with anyone. Ever.