Liverpool and the Titanic Book


An Anthology of CrossSpecies Ecopoetry

110 pages
ISBN 978-1739382537
Published January 2024

This is the official publication of the Wild Words National Ecopoetry Project.

In this anthology, young writers from across the UK have collaborated with elements of nature to co–author poems that seek to fuse human and non–human perspectives.

Whether penned with rustling leaves, birdsong, rainfall, or the moon, these works invite you to share in the collective voice of the entire planet… and beyond.

Liverpool and the Titanic Book


A Meditation on Eco-Anxiety

80 pages
ISBN 978-1739382513
Published November 2023

The official publication of the GROUND project.

This is an anthology of creative connections between unlikely friends: the human and non-human worlds.

In collaboration with their local environments, writers and artists explore the phenomenon of climate anxiety as a natural response to the ecological challenges they face.

Features poetry, prose, full colour photography and original art, as well as tips on combatting climate anxiety.