GROUND is an artistic exploration of Climate Anxiety, and an animated anthology of creative connections between unlikely friends: the human and non-human worlds.

We invited eco-conscious writers, artists and creatives to take a journey through their environmental angst.

Provoked initially by a series of climate cafés, they were tasked with generating imaginative connections between themselves and the non-human world. For it’s in the imagination that we may begin to form strange but gainful new relationships with the earth we live amidst.

The resulting animation features stunning imagery inspired by the green and blue backdrops of Sefton’s long, fragmented, coastal landscape.

GROUND first appeared as an installation at The Atkinson in Southport, across a 16:3 ratio screen.

Created by: Maddie Brew, Hannah Burns, Alina Burwitz, Olivia Furness, Emrys Hough, Jade O’Shaughnessy, Ellie Sammer, Emily Thompson, and Elspeth Todd

Design and Animation: Joseph Rynhart

Produced by: Chris Fittock

Climate Cafés: Dinah Dossor, Joanna Smith

Funded by: Grosvenor, The Liverpool ONE Foundation, The Community Foundation for Merseyside

Supported by: The Atkinson, Zero Carbon Liverpool

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