On Demand  |  26—27 March 2022

An artistic intervention. Offensive. Eruption. Chance to vent some f*cking rage. And make the world a better place.

In March 2022, we are producing a digital festival of ecological citizenship. It is timed to coincide with Earth Hour 2022. And we’re currently working with amazing young women from the Liverpool City Region, who are the artists and activists that will bring it to life.

Earth Hour 2022
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 The project’s weekly workshops have been led by a wonderful roster of women doing amazing things in the worlds of environmental custodianship and justice.

Kehkashan Basu


Kehkashan is an iconic youth leader, global influencer, environmentalist, and champion of women and children’s rights.

Founder-President of global social innovation enterprise, the Green Hope Foundation. Winner of the 2016 International Children’s Peace Prize. A United Nations Human Rights Champion. WXN Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women.

Jay Hampton


Jay is a citizen Sci-Artist from Liverpool with a BSc Earth & Ocean Sciences and Zoology from the University of Liverpool and MA Art in Science from LJMU.

Her practice is based around citizen science and the environmental changes during the Anthropocene. Projects use climate data trends to look forward to the year 2050, while her main areas of research are the future of food, biosensors, climate change as a public health issue, and the importance of the ocean as an atmospheric buffer.

Lucy Brookfield


Lucy is Conservation and Engagement Officer with the Wyre Rivers Trust.

She has worked with partners such as United Utilities, the Environment Agency and Wyre Council to monitor water quality in the catchment, undertake ecological surveys, and increase awareness of the Trust’s work.

Anna Clayton


Anna is from FoodFutures  North Lancashire’s award-winning Sustainable Food Network. They work to build a collaborative community of practitioners, food citizens, policy makers and researchers that work on food matters in the local area.

FoodFutures is made up of representatives from the local farming community, local food businesses, the public sector, Lancaster City and County council, NGOs, community food groups and local academic institutions. This partnership is working to make healthy, sustainable and fair food available to everyone in the district.