less. slower. louder.

less. slower. louder.

By Alina Burwitz


Each Briton spends an average of £980.50 on new clothes every year. And throws away 3.1kg of textile waste in the same period.

So-called ‘fast fashion’ is an emblematic driver of ecologic stress. The fashion industry uses, for example, 1.5 trillion tonnes of water annually. And produces 92 million tonnes of waste.

less is an antidote to this madness. In February 2022, Alina ran a fantastic clothes-mending workshop at the brilliant Make Hamilton Square in Birkenhead.

This taught not just practical skills, but a more practical and sustainable mindset: to explore the value of what we already have.

Below is a brief video trailer capturing the event.


slower is an immersive, guided audio walk around Princes Park in Liverpool.

Alina talks to those who both use and tend to this important green space. And embeds their experience with her own, as she creates a poetic cartography in spoken word.

The aim is to connect listeners and walkers more closely to the nature that we often miss through sheer familiarity.

Alina wants us to come out of the experience feeling that nature is something worth slowing down for, and worth connecting with.

Below, the audio guide can be streamed or downloaded for free by anybody. Beneath it is a brief PDF guide book and transcript of the tour.

slower Audio Guide


louder is the third part of Alina’s practice that she will continue to develop outwith 400 Parts Per Million.

It’s about making your voice heard in a way that takes into account more-than-human timescales.

If you would like to know more, you can contact Alina at less.slower.louder@gmail.com