Poetry Collection

Take a species–spanning journey with the Wild Words eco-poetry Project. Immerse yourself in beautiful poetry co–created by young people and the non–human world. Whether penned with rustling leaves, birdsong, rainfall, or the moon, these works invite you to share in the collective voice of the entire planet – and beyond.

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HIBERNATING HEDGEHOGS by Riley Butler & A Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are nocturnal

They balance the garden ecosystem

We love leaves, hedgerows, and woodland edges

We are afraid of the vehicles you all drive

They help our crops and enjoy our gardens

Please check before you mow

In leaves, we hibernate in these.

EMOTIONS OF THE STARS by Isla Byrne & The Stars

The constellations are sad,

but light makes us glad.

Because we make too much light,

they look down on us with spite.

The stars are happy when it is dark,

but we feel scared, and our pet dogs bark.

Castor and Pollux party,

while we stay indoors and eat smarties.

Cassiopeia is tired,

so she goes up higher,

So she can sleep in peace on her throne

and the bright lights below will leave her alone.

The Big Dipper is a giant spoon,

and loves to visit the moon.

The Big Dipper has very bright stars,

But they fade in the light of our houses and cars.

THE DAY I SPOKE TO A CLOUD by Elizabeth Byrom & A Cloud

The day I spoke to a cloud was a very special day.

I spoke to the cloud in a very special way.

It spoke back to me, in a voice like thunder,

The cloud said: Well, DON’T tell me your blunder!

HEART OF NATURE by Fatou Camara & A River and An Oak Tree

In the heart of nature’s embrace

A river flows with gentle grace

Beside it stands an oak so grand

Together, they create a magical land

The river current a sweet melody

Whispering secrets the oak tree will keep

Their dance unfolds in harmony

A symphony of life for all to see

The oak tree’s branches reach up high

As the river’s waters ripple and sigh

They wrote a poem with every breeze

A love letter to nature, whispered with ease

A river’s flow, a gentle rhythm

The oak tree leaves a river’s in time

Their collaboration, a masterpiece true

A poetic bond, forever anew

Nature’s orchestra surrounds the place

As the earthy scent creating nature’s perfume

Which can never deceive.

As a kaleidoscope of colour dances and

Plays, the cool mist envelops the place.

SONG OF THE TEMPEST by Harry Cammish & A Storm Babet

Torn trees thresh, bitter gales slam windows,

Arrowhead raindrops scatter down

In sudden brushing volleys, fat clouds

Haughty and rattling down their feast.

Uprooted logs lie canvassed with slaps of green tendrils;

Men pass by in greatcoats,

Their bone faces shivering winter aside,

Breath swept away by wind

And the quicker shrouds of leaves.

Souls flurry into buildings and watch this all

From outside, as if it could be captured

With their camera eyes,

Failing to recognise the unstoppable oneness

Of being here, whipping your arms to the sky’s tune,

Dancing your feet with the unseen jig of

The waters, raw godlessness:

Fury and fire! The last desperate charge

Of evening gusts away, away, away.

STORM by Meredith Capes & Storm Ciaran

The storm starts with a single leaf blowing,

A flash of lightning, a downpour flowing.

A cyclone of leaves blowing up in the air,

A torrent coming, the smell of autumn everywhere.

The deep ocean flooding,

Pebbles scattered all around.

A roaring ocean,

Like a beastly hound.

OH, WHAT A WONDERFUL WINTER by Layla Carey & Winter

Winter is the king of showmen,

Turning tree stumps into snowmen,

And houses into birthday cakes,

And spreading sugar over lakes.

Smooth and clean and frosty white,

The world looks good enough to bite.

That’s the season to be young,

Catching snowflakes on your tongue!

Snow is snowy when it’s snowing,

I’m sorry it’s slushy when it’s going.

When the geese are flying south,

And the sky is grey my dears,

Close your eyes and lift your nose,

Listen with your careful ears.

Feel the winter coming on.

FALLING by Noah Carling & Autumn

With a subtle manner, the elaborate leaves cascaded above the harrying ant, a dispirited huddle gazing out for shelter.

Nature’s several elements paraded jubilant and assured, blessing the morning dew descending beyond reach.

The autumnal breeze elevated the mood of the delicate seed arising from its depressive murmur.

A creature below scattered as its copper ears and bronze tail followed, conkers and acorns skipping merrily across the dormant terrain.

The sun shrieked, infuriated, causing vigorous illumination to benefit the miracles beneath.

Sorrowful foliage, resentful whistles from swift winds, infinitely proceeding with their roles.

An eerie expanse above it all, bold with desire and fear that it would fall.

THE WILLOW TREE by Amelia Cecil & Willow Trees

Down the rushing stream leaves go

Whispering trees sway and swoon

The willows hang high

Above them all

Hoping that they would never fall

Its arms stretch out and brush the sky

Its roots secure it out of sight

Whispering willows love the light

They steady the river

From overflowing

The leaves fall off from all the wind that’s blowing

The snow dances down

And settles on the ground

And when the flowers bloom

You continue to loom.

AUTUMN LEAVES by Alexander Palmer Chester & An Autumn Leaf

My body’s gone old,

Golden and brown,

And with a petrifying snap,

I’m falling down,

Onto the hard tarmac ground,

Barely making a sound,

And a foot falls on me,

Not seeing my frown.

THE BRAVE SAPLING by Louis Choi & A Plant

The brave sapling

Always is loved,

And bitten by squirrels

But peaceful like the doves.

Bathing in the sun,

Swaying with grace,

No matter what,

It’s always praised.

AUTUMN SUNLIGHT by Rachel Clark & A Tree and the Sun

Low–riding starlight

Close enough to taste

Transformative beams on sun–deceased leaves

Oil on canvas trees

Green to gold–flecked

Vermillion heights

Skeleton trunks serenaded by

Wind’s imperious bites

Sinew sticks crucified aloft

From branch to twig

Like emancipated cervine

Will o’wisps

Gaia’s children. Dutifully suckled.

Weaned from the world into societal existence.

We sit here in our rows and cotton blend confines;

Drifted listlessly by the snores of the close–minded;

Waiting for that promised


To be ours.

TWO WINDOWS by Xander Collins & Nature

My pretty paired panorama; the birds swooping to the left of my bedroom, gracefully in and out of the hawthorn hedges. I see from the smaller left window the autumnal hedges, now thinning and sparse, allowing me to see their nimble bird dance. If I listen closely, I can hear their alluring ballad.

To the other side of my room, from the greater window, the insects scatter and fly, dogs duck and dive on the lawn, and grey squirrels clamber and climb the cherry tree.

Trees sway adroitly in the elegant, serene wind, and crisp autumnal leaves flutter gently to the icy grass. Raw and intense sensations gather in my nostrils – the result of the mower’s tyranny of the turf.

A calm autumn breeze seeps through the open window and onto my face, and the chill of the air hits me. Shutting the window, and looking one last time at the magnificent garden, I stepped away and left.

Inspired by Percy ‘The Birdman’ Edwards.

LIFE by Cordelia Cook & Life

Life can be beautiful

Life can be ugly

It can be majestic and rainy

Dreadful and sunny.

It’s a mystery to all of us.

Alas, we know time and weather,

Vehicles moving place to place

Both of which Mother Nature has gifted us

With her grace and honour.

Children of all ages – dancing, breathing, living.

Children of all ages – starving, crying, dying.

Bound by chains we are:

Some are pawns – some are kings

Each controlled by the mysterious players.

THE UNDERSIDE by Amalia Cotovan & The Sun

I wish I could see the underside of a tree.

How my rays like to play and dapple through leaves!

But the roots and the shoots I put my life into

Shrink out of my light, slink out of my view.

I wish I could swim in the trim creeks within

The valleys and greens, tallying up life so clean.

I can hear, so close and near, the aria of it shaking

The air voiced with noise, poised, breath–taking.

I long to unfurl, let my flares uncurl from ’round me

As I spend an endless rainbow relentlessly happy.

Ending up sending only colours, pending much

Of my tending touch on so much I’m yet to touch.

What have I to show but you? But to throw

Reckless young life which sprung in the winged crow

Whose croak I can hear beneath the clouds – thrilling.

If only my morning voice could be heard so shrilling.

But I accuse, and I refuse to pine for some green brow.

Even now, the fiery crown I wear should be no frown.

I’d rather turn the bow to shoot sadness in sunrise colours.

Oh, my moans entertain the swan too long – her pallor!

I wish you could look me in the eye, mistook

For a lesser star, my lesson I’d have took

And stung the world I hung above, less

Than a blaze like myself could confess.

I must keep to my pride,

Put the mystery aside,

and warm you with prayers

when you go look outside.

BEES LOVE BEES by Elina Creevy & Bees

Flower to flower, helps fruit grow,

It’s not wise to kill them you should know.

I love bees, they are so many different types,

I love bees, they don’t try to scare – it’s only their hair.

I love bees so much, it’s heaven to me,

I love bees – try to love them please.

They are important to a human’s life – so save a bee.

THE LAKE by Dylan Alder Curtin & A Lake

Blue on

Blue over

Blue in

Blue with


THE HELPER by Charlie Daniels & A Plant

I felt my roots pushing their way through the soil, as my stem jumped through the surface like a cat.

The wind howled as the clouds flew over, I felt the rain trickle down my stem as the water invaded my body.

I watched the leaves dance through the air as they twirled and twisted before they hit the surface.

I listened to the buzz of the bees, as they drank my pollen through the petals.

I help humanity here, and there I can help the insects everywhere.

SOLUTION TO PLASTIC POLLUTION by Aarav Dave & Plastic Pollution

When you go to a beach,

There’s always plastic within reach.

It’s in toothpaste and around an iced bun,

All of this dangerous plastic can be no fun,

If you count it all up, a decillion, it can weigh a ton.

It’s more dangerous than a knife, it’s affecting animal life.

And I have a solution, to this plastic pollution:

Even one little plastic picker, can stop and collect litter.

So let’s sit [let’s sit] and chat about it [chat about it]

Let’s use our voices as the world rejoices,

Come together and make it stop,

Tidy up with a picker or a mop.

All of us are doing great, let’s untangle a fish from plastic,

Give it some food or bait.

Everything is going well, now we have news to tell.

Let’s come together, and make the world better.


NATURE WAS A NEW FRIEND by Jasmine Davis & Nature

The trees gently swayed in the cool breeze

My mind began to calm, at ease

I could hear the rain following me everywhere

This calm, relaxed feeling feels so rare

Amber, yellow, and red leaves were on the ground

Everywhere in nature I could hear a sound

I swished my feet through murky puddles

This autumn walk had no troubles

The sound of rain in my ears

Was the thick, grey clouds’ tears

The autumn animals were here and there

I could taste the crisp, cold air

The animals run and sprint

The sun came through the clouds, which made me squint

The sky was darkening

The sun was descending

I never wanted this feeling to end

It was like nature was a new friend