Poetry Collection

Take a species–spanning journey with the Wild Words eco-poetry Project. Immerse yourself in beautiful poetry co–created by young people and the non–human world. Whether penned with rustling leaves, birdsong, rainfall, or the moon, these works invite you to share in the collective voice of the entire planet – and beyond.

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SILLY SANDS by Harvey Martin & The Beach

When the sun is cold,

we beach to the drive.

We collect the sea and swim in shells.

We put down a blanket to eat sand

and play in ice cream.

We fly in the air and

the seagulls look down and stare.

YOU CAN SEE IT ALL by Maia Martin & The Sun

You can see it all, up there in the sky,

You can see it all, the good, the bad, and those who try.

You watch as we play, as we grow, as we live,

You sustain us, your light and your warmth is to us what you give.

We live in harmony, trees, rivers, all as one,

We work together, without each other we would be gone.

You watch us laugh, smile with a tear,

However, that tear drips, again, and again, I fear.

The sky, so blue, clear as midsummer’s day,

Is now tainted, clouding your view through our own dismay.

What once held an array of wonders around,

Now holds ‘evolution’, destruction built into the ground.

You watch us and sob, as many used to do,

Nobody now cares, no one thinks it’s true.

You watch as we struggle, try and then fail,

To fix our mistakes, we try to prevail.

The damage is done, you know it as I,

We have nothing left, oh well, we tried.

You can see it all, how we eat sleep and pray,

You can see it all, except when the sky turns grey

When smoke fills our lungs,

When our own pollution is to be with which we are hung.

Nature’s creatures were once the kings,

I guess this is why we can’t have nice things.

REMINISCENCE by Emily May & Autumn

I’m outside again,

walking home.

The street is empty

and damp from the ephemeral rain.

The wind burns my cheeks.

On my face,

a nose so cold,

I barely felt it dripping.

The sun is out.

It’s weaker than ever before.

Yet so strong

as it gleams through the trees.

I’m almost home.

But I shouldn’t be.

I should be running

through that huge pile of leaves.

I should be collecting conkers,

picking up acorns

and pretty red leaves

so I can take them home.

I should be laughing

as I throw handfuls

of wet leaves at my friends,

wearing welly–boots.

And yet, I walk home,

briskly, in the cold.

Loving the journey

but hating the arrival.

I don’t get to enjoy those golden leaves

or the bitter cold which burns my cheeks

as the stale warmth hits my face

when I walk through the front door.

The warmth may be nice,

but after a while,

my lungs long for the bitter

wind which soothes me.

RAIN ON ME by Eve McArthur & A Rose and The Rain

Rain on me

And let me watch

The lovers greeting on a petal that is not mine

Rain on me

And let me become what is desired

Watch me become a symbol of red

Rain on me

Make me grow into a being of love

The lovers will choose my petals to settle

Rain on me

Other lovers will choose my stem to pick

If only they do not let my thorns prick

Rain on me

Though I beg you not to let me be put away

And placed upon a mantle in a vase

Rain on me

And then, rain, I will be yours

If only, rain, you can be mine

THE RIVER by Isla McFarlane & A River

The river is full of fish, big and small,

Floating along like kites in the summer air.

Its crystal–clear water waves to parents nearby

Their children splash, swim and screech as the cold washes over them.

The sound of flowing water is masked by laughter.

Alone, unheard, silenced is the river.

Its winding route might seem exciting, but the poor river is dying.

And no one cares.

Their inconsiderate pushes and screams hurt the poor river

But the river’s voice is disappearing.

Its mouth closes over, the laughter fades.

The poor river is forgotten,

As it twists into a swampy, murky monster.

THE GIRAFFE by Sam Mills & A Giraffe

Great tall giants wandering

In the grass while also

Roaming around trying to go

Around the mountains.

Falling leaves all around while

Following the wind to escape from being

Eaten by the giraffes.

SUPER SQUIRREL by Suri Mistry & A Squirrel

Super squirrel is strong and tall,

Super squirrel can break a wall,

Super squirrel has lots of might,

Super squirrel wins every fight.

Super squirrel is very cool,

Fight him? You really are a fool,

Every villain in his sight,

Will crumble at the blinding light.

And then from there it’s off to jail,

Super squirrel will always prevail,

If something bad has happened to you,

He’ll come quickly, it’s really true,

From Antarctica to Asia,

To people everywhere,

He’s the planet’s hero,

And he’s tougher than a bear.

Super squirrel completes each test,

Super squirrel is always the best,

His one and only weakness though,

Is the cold and icy winter snow.

THE RIVER by Suhail Mohamed-Pathusha & A River

Blue as the sky,

Sounding like a beautiful lullaby,

I walked along the mound,

As you were running on the mound,

You have complete power,

In growing these heavenly flowers,

The colours surrounded me,

Drowning me as though I were in the sea,

You swished and swashed and flowed,

While the sun above us glowed,

As you meandered further on,

I could not help but gaze upon,

Your beauty enjoyed by all,

Like me in thrall,

I could spend a lifetime with you,

A lifetime with this exquisite view,

The stars come out to play,

As night takes over day,

I must leave you today,

But I would rather stay,

I leave you alone with the stars,

Rather you are the superstar,

I watch you flow away in the dark,

Violently thrashing like a shark,

Even though you wash away,

Rampant you are today,

The moon tonight was bright,

As you were the true star tonight.

A GARDEN PLUM TREE by Harrison Moore & A Plum Tree

From the things that I surround,

They all make a sound.

Autumn breeze, but sunshine too,

They make the world a nicer place for me and for you.

The leaves are red, my plums are too,

Soon it’ll be nice to snack a few.

Hear the birds chirping,

While man is outside burping.

The hedgehogs go pitter–patter,

See the horses go clipper–clapper.

The rabbits go munching grass,

It sounds like the owls are playing brass.

Flying by is a buzzy bee,

Tell me more – what else can you see?

There are squirrels, pheasants as well,

What are those silly foxes trying to sell?

A WALK IN THE PARK by Gabrielle Morgan & A River

Did you see that?

A kingfisher, a flash

Of blue and gold as it plunged

Beneath the silver water’s surface

And emerged

Holding a fish –

A stickleback, perhaps

Or an anchovy, gleaming like a wisp

Of smoke from a fire

Golden as its plumage.

Do you hear that?

The gentle hum of wind

As it stirs those trees –

Willow, perhaps, or ash;

Twirling sycamore, crumbling dandelions

And makes laughing ripples in grass.

Do you remember?

Those days are gone

But clear as the water.

Is your mind too hurt to recover?

Memories swirl beneath your eyes

Like the fish that bob to the surface

And almost wish for death

Or a razor–sharp beak to take them

In their brazen quest to see the sun

One final time.

Let them surface

Though you know it is worthless

To try and recall the taste of blue sky

And the golden clouds touched with pink.

Deeper, deeper, they sink.

A whisper.

Will the wind help you remember?

The touch of its fingers

On your face, it lingers

And leaves an impression too marked to be mistaken.

A memory past–formed, sanity taken.

Will the water help you awaken?

Watch its ripples as the sunbeams dance

And sparkle on its blue surface, how it enchants

Passers–by and how it bewitched you.

Remember its scent

At night, like a thousand

Flowers had suddenly bloomed

And sprayed their perfume

Into the air

While the woodcock and the owl and the rat and the hare

Scurried by, ignoring your sigh

Of content as you watched the moon

Reach deep down inside the soft silver pool

A jewellery box, a precious gleam of gems

Unknown to those with all the fortune in the world

To buy diamonds and rubies and sapphires.


Watch it tumble down

Moonlight lost in a starlight shroud

And fall into the oblivion of swirling murky peace.

Will you ever return from that dark, gentle place?

Your eyes reflect the sparkling falls

That spilled with rainbows in a thousand fractured droplets.

Leaves swirl around us like they wish

To carry us up into the eternal open sky

And free us.

But beneath us the water

Will run on forever

With dipper, wagtail, kingfisher

And so you are lost.

Gone is your delight in the silence and stillness that frost

Brings as it settles over the world and turns it, sparkling, icy blue.

No earthly beauties can now retrieve you.

Unbroken white snow upon the highest peaks;

Grass in the morning with dew so sweet;

Forest filled with millions of hushed giant trees;

Or waves crashing on a lost, lonely beach.

Now you are gone.

All that remains is the bittersweet

Of memories.

Only memories.

SNOW'S CONVERSATION by Natty Porter-Lynch & The Snow

I float, I fly, I fall,

Whilst I stomp, stamp and strive,

I am silent and slow, yet relentless,

Whilst I battle and shamble, making progress,

I gently settle, soft and sparkling,

Whilst I trudge further, destination nearing,

I soothe the earth below, feather cover,

Whilst my presence disturbs the scene,

I leave with spring sun rays,

Whilst my footsteps peace delays,

I’ll come again, again and again,

Whilst my days are finite, finishing,

I am glittering snow,

Whilst I am polluting man.

NATURE & ME by Oscar Newman & Natural Surroundings

The clouds cried as the storm cackled.

The flowers danced as they heard the stars and their calming melodies.

The sun sighs as the storm destroys.

The leaves laugh as they tumble down on us.

The rocks surrounded us leaving no escape.

For me however the leaves are a sea of happiness.

For me however there was nothing but a barrier from the outside.

For me however the sun has taken a break.

For me however the stones could be skipped and used as a form of entertainment.

THE TREE OF ALL SEASONS by Ruby Nichols & A Tree

Here I stand in the spring,

I am the most glorious thing,

Full of strength and lots of buds,

Children’s footsteps making thuds,

New spring life is starting to arrive,

My trunk and branches are about to thrive.

The summer sun is bright and warm,

As all my green colour starts to form,

While I’m here having a rest,

A swarm of bees makes their nest,

I’m growing taller by the day,

The light summer breeze makes me sway.

The pops of colour Autumn brings,

My leaves are the most beautiful things,

As they fall to the ground,

They make a lovely rustling sound,

My branches are now starting to look bare,

As the rain hits me, I start to stare.

And Winter’s here, it came rather quick,

Birds are gathering my twigs and a stick,

I start to shiver in the cold frost,

Here I stand so bare and lost,

The soft flakes of snow hit my stretched–out arm,

I fall asleep and all is calm.

And here we go all over again,

The life of a tree and its hall of fame.


Colossal and carefree as a peaceful, snow–covered mountain peak, stiff as secretive stones.

Growing and thriving in life, to the absolute fullest on its own.

Vibrant green leaves cuddling close together.

Going through scorching weather and freezing temperatures, gloomy and blinding sights, as one large plant family.

Wise yet strong and powerful, twisting and turning with certainty, highlighted with its unique movements.

Sturdy and confident, their gargantuan bodies embracing age with welcoming arms stretching to lengths of majestic wonder.

Rough wood turned a foresty green throughout the stages of birth to death.

Scars of axes and bears haunt their souls, but they still march bravely through the present.

Animals taking a place of refuge in the comforting branches of an oak, or birch, or maybe even maple.

Dreaming of long hours of summers, kids using them as swings, clambering in and out of the wooden playgrounds.

Swaying joyfully in the whistling wind, the birds belting out terrific songs of happiness.

Rushing rivers rapidly running through the ancient moss–covered woods, playfully splashing the elderly and the new-born trees, begging for some fun!

Colourful, incredible flowers’ petals bloom brilliantly within the small crevasses of the wooden figure.

Whispers of unspoken secrets of the forest carried away in the flowing winds.

Soft, damp grass tickling the feet of small children, laughing with them at their day trip out.

Water droplets drip, drip, dripping down and down from the drenched leaves way up above.

Sweet, innocent deer, prancing around with their mothers, finally choosing to rest near a calm, tiny pool of water sitting within the tree’s roots.

Bees buzzing around their golden hive, soaking in all the sugary glory of their beloved honey.

Hedgehogs’ noses in the air, smelling the fresh scent of earthworms and damp soil covering the earth.

Leather–bound books laying unnoticed beneath the shady, canopy of leaves, holding wisdom and imagination within its off–white pages.

Finally, as the creatures of the forest – as well as the plants – start to settle down, they treasure everlasting memories of chaotic happiness, deep within their joyful little souls.

THE FUTURE IS OUTSIDE by Love Ogundipe & Nature

What is nature?

Nature is what we see everyday

Flying in the sky, oh so high

The trees moving left and right

And I still wonder why people stay inside?

Stay inside they say,

You will be safer that way.

But you never know till you explore.

The future is outside.

Now you have to decide.

WONDERS OF NATURE by Chimbundum Okaroh & Animals

Butterflies flutter

As smooth as butter

The colourful birds

And cattle in herds

Prey hiding from their predators

Sometimes life can be quite dangerous

Nature can be beautiful

But deforestation makes it horrible

Lions roar so loud

To show that they are confident and proud

The prey go for a run

While the predators have fun

The beautiful greenery

And the gorgeous scenery

Wildlife is incredibly amazing

So pretty that we can’t stop gazing

Every animal is special in their own way

From years ago until today

LEAFHEART by Maya Pal & A Leaf

I am a leaf. Not just a leaf, though

You may think I’m flimsy or frail

Dreamy or useless.

I’m none of those things.

I am loyalty. Purest loyalty.

More loyal than your faithful pet will ever be.

I was birthed from a tree. It gave me life. It pushed me through its ochre tendrils,

Saved me from the infinite black from between life and death.

It gave me a meaning and I return the favour

By protecting and nursing the tree for eternity.

On scorching hot days the rays of light burn me

But I endure the pain.

I will endure anything for my Master.

Oh, the pain, the agony.

It pierced my skin – as sharp as shards of glass.

Sunlight streams down my veins

And the nutrients sip into the stem.

I have done the first part of my job:

I fed the tree.

The months of spring host breath-taking beauties,

But also hide terrible dangers:

Beasts with sharp teeth and daggers atop their heads.

One of these creatures snaps brutally of me,

Cutting off one of my lobes.

Pain. Pure pain.

Summer sweeps by like a butterfly,

Dancing and jumping

A joyful month, No torture, No turmoil. No distress of destruction. Just laughter.

Fall I don’t understand.

A brown disease spreads from my head to my toes.

What was once so glorious

Is a creeping, seeping, rot marsh.

My veins corrode and my lobes weaken. My power is drained.

A chill. A bone–crunching chill. Colder than the never-ending blizzard.

Frost slithers at me like a hissing snake. Silent. Still. Ready to strike.

It’s only me, the others have been stolen.


Now the wind snatched me, hurling and whirling and thieving.

Why do I have to be separated? I asked the tree.

For it’s the law of the earth. As old and as true as a dying oak’s roots.

You fall. A ballerina dancing in the wind,

Welcomed into the soft earth as an equal,

Restored life,

Again and again and again,

Because your beauty and your faith will never end.

O'LOVELY TREE by Shay Parmar & A Tree

O’lovely tree,

People lean on you,

But you still stay strong.

People cut you,

But you still stay standing.

People burn you,

But you still stay firm.

O’lovely tree,

Stay strong,

Stay standing,

Stay firm.

O’lovely tree,

Grow a forest,

Big and tall,

Grow a forest,

Green and vivid,

Grow a forest,

Be the home for all.

RED CAMELLIA by Ava Pearce & A Red Camellia

Beyond the soaked highway

Drenched by the drizzling August rain

There blooms the red camellia

Brightest red among all reds.

Wondering her wonderer,

The roads were too slippy and tough,

Doused by the ceaseless drizzle,

Will the red camellia still bloom?

The rarest that enamoured my heart,

I despond due to the apathetic time.

Will they allow me to water the rarest blossom?

I who is your soil, also I who’s a mere dint.

But such a pure love is Heaven’s joy,

Will God let you bloom?

To let this pass like nothing,

Do ask me what I can do for you.

Did I water you too much?

Will the sun burn you?

I will place you in the care of a flowerpot.

The red camellia, bloom in the care of my hands.

THE CIRCLE OF GROWTH by Charles Pereira & Flowers

Once I was a seed

I was blown by the wind

I landed on the ground

With a soft thud

I felt the soil

I liked it

I grew my roots

Then my stem

I had some leaves

And finally I grew my petals

Suddenly I felt a mysterious feeling

I started to bloom

It was Autumn

I felt the cold

Now it was Winter

It started to snow

I turned brown

I dropped my seeds

And I passed away

My children were born